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Registration for accommodation owners




Who can register?
Every owner of a small-scale, traditional and rural accommodation, such as, bed & breakfast, holidayhouse, cottage, small camping site etc. Modern villas, big entertainment camping sites, accommodations in [busy] urban areas do not belong to this site and shall be refused.

Prices and payment:
Members start with a free period of 6 months. Then you pay 15,- € per year or 9,50 € per 6 months.

Procedure of registering:
Your registration is entirely online. You will go through 4 steps [the forms] to complate your registration. After you have completed your registration you will receive a confirmation of your registration and information concerning how you can edit your data. Also then the status of your account will be changed from 'Registered' to 'Online'. From this moment on your advertisement will be online and shown in all search results. Before the end of your trial period you will receive an email concerning the renewing of your registration and telling you how to do this.

STEP 1 General data: owner
STEP 2 Data on the location
STEP 3 Data on each accommodation
STEP 4 Verify & finish your registration

*Please stay online during your registration till you finished step 2, you than return to your controle panel and will see under 1. Contact your firm name and under 2. your (first) location. When this is finished you can come back anytime to fill in you accommodation[s] and data.








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